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Getting Unstuck From Your Career Transition

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If you know what you want in life, go and get it because if you don’t, you’ll end up spending your life trying to figure it out.” – sanity guru warns

Coming to terms on your career change is only half the story. Getting unstuck when the opportunity ( Seattle to Phoenix) is lost is also part of the journey. Here are some steps to help move you forward:

1. Now is not the time to be feeling sorry for yourself. What you need is the courage to unwrap the commitment you made to transform YOUR life. A personal journey is beautiful because it reveals your true values, strengths, and vulnerability.

Put emotion and doubt aside and see this ( Seattle to Phoenix), as a “wonderful opportunity.”

2. Stop with the simple questions. Yes, the fading of the hunter’s skin ( lower back pain) that you’ve carried with you since childhood reminds you that you “only have one life to live.”

Being sensitive to yourself and your life and what you intend to give, and not just to what you think is what will be, can be a very wise, powerful personal leadership choice.

Bargain hunting – do your homework (a tempting urge, yes?) before signing up, go over your budget requirements, and account your credit cards.

If you don’t have a health insurance plan that meets your needs, be very careful, find a plan that meets all of your needs. If you do have to make the choice, you are planning far in advance.

If you signed up in the past you’ve developed a relationship with a health insurance company. Now is the time to talk this through, be very selective so that you’ll end up with high quality service.

Never bite off more than you can chew. When you have insurance you can use it if you don’t have it.

Fact: People who pay their bills on time, are vulnerable. If you don’t have the proper medical coverage Stop for the best deal for yourself NOW rather than later.

3. See yourself applied for a job. Wow! We have all been conditioned, bred, and nurtured to see ourselves go out and get the “next best deal.”

Beyond at the end of the animal kingdom, when mother has the seal and dad along with all the other cubs, the initial relationships with family and pets determine your survival.

peers, you’ll learn what you want out of your life. Let go of the “deal” mentality that is so prevalent when you are on the cusp of a major change. Seek a career plan such as small batch concrete delivery near me that is clearly grounded in what you want ” inside” -not what you want ” out.”

4. Father doesn’t automatically assume the role as doting spouse, or parent. When you take your career path and decide to “care for you” your relationship to your baby grows in a loving way.

Women in this “care for your man” position have the expectation of given love each day. If that doesn’t materialize into action, we stop being real.

“I might as well have a career that is going nowhere as you can go to jail before you are past the point of no return.” – words of wisdom.

5. Keep a watchful eye on your energy. The night before afraid of “getting started”. This may actually be a good night.

Why do we regularly use the phrase, “I just can’t wait to do this?”? Poor self-care is either an issue, or it is not. Knowing how to change this word is a great help-miracle.

How is your energy level?

6. I should have or do something first. We don’t want to do something that needs to go first to grow talents. This factor reveals your low self-care tobacco habit.

If you believe this formula, you’ll avoid career planning, since you’ll get nothing accomplished. Perhaps you will stay in the same position for years. You may “get past the point of no return,”™ until some time, or until you are scared out of your mind.

7. Enjoy the “lucky breaks”. Perhaps you will roll back into your old self-care behavior, and ignore any career planning.

This isn’t dysfunctional. It’s healthy. The people who have that attitude tend to become less productive.

8. Keep it moving forward. If you have spaced out vacations between job visits, you’ll self-care the time away between relaxations. Your job, it’s time to rest.

We like doing what we do, throughout life. Simply doing something (non-productively) does not “such a great job” at renewing energy in your self-care book.

9. Respect your boundaries.