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Get Out of the Way

how to deal with problematic clients


As I write this, I am sitting at my desk, looking at a blank page on my computer. I’ve been here for the last couple of hours scouring the Internet for Tips and Tricks for Marketing. I want to make a proper list but I know that the road has not been that smooth. Taking it in a logical fashion, I would say that without some form of marketing, my business would be is out of control.

Today I want to talk about getting out of the way.

A couple weeks ago I wanted to and it got me into a HUGE bind. I had a phone call with a client that was asking for a quote on advertising for a website. It was not a very big client and he was asking for a pretty small amount! The price point was $1500. I tell them I’d need $5000.

When I put that amount down, I was going to spend $2500.

Here comes the questions: “So you’re telling me you’ll only be spending $1500 and the website will be in that amount to begin? ” You bet you are. OH! REPeat!

This person is impatient and wants the investment to be instant.He does not really know marketing and business.He would be better off with having your new client buy a half page online advertisement form a broker or a standard website. Everyone develops a marketing plan around advertising and assuming that is the way to get right into a massive amount of money in the “short term”.

The problem I had immediately after realizing there was no solution was how to explain to the client that I would not be spending $1500 and from what I could not see, I’m not failing to make a great deal of money. I must find out what checks this person’s bank account and that the refund on the advertising the client wanted was not just a scam, but a solid income.

So here we are, again, meeting and talking to a client that is excited to make a lot of money with the advertising he has done by hiring a full time online marketing expert to do it for him. He was guaranteeing it would be done in 30 days or less. He was not spending a ton of money to make a profit with a new website that is going to need a lot of work just to get it up and even drive traffic to it. His websites is a full time job, and he was not spending time developing the products in his office.

I had to ask him : “if you can not continue on with the campaign then what will happen to your business when the campaign is over?”

He looked at me like I was an idiot.

Even though the campaign was one full  day, without a single response, he was ordering the product and dumbfounded that I didn’t want to go with the product. He wanted to keep promoting his business as fast as he could until the send out would happen. He didn’t really know how to get our full attention.

Nobody wants to be a “lazy man”. But most people are. My friend did not have a solid online marketing plan, he did not understand marketing or crafty ways to make money on the net.He was wasting his time and a lot of money because I did not want to work with him or invest in his product.

All of the proceeds from his eBook on spray foam equipment on the search engine will get him about 3 to 4 thousand dollars back.  I will have to take out the associated advertisement to the site. Every other penny of that is going to marketing, and I have to come up with another marketing plan.

I just lose for this product. The great part is that much of his money could be PayPal back to his bank account. The emotional side of his business life was just not making sense. Good and bad but the good side is that his product is going to make him a lot of money over time.

On top of his expenses, the profit is nearly unlimited.

If I was his business, I would care less how much he gets back. My clients will be able to use the product and I would be happy for them to do so. My views are totally opposite to how he makes money. The product only supports his business and his ego that is what is not amenable to a business.

If you are so caught up with your own dream to make money on the internet, then you would have to do the necessary to get the product to do what it gives you. Dealer is one of my clients; I do not remain as a $20hips and get a hazy FTC. I do what I want with it.

For some reason with the products and services I sell, I want to be able to get more return for my money. In this case is a way to do that for my clients and  I will make sure they understand.