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Top News Stories Coming Out of Nashville for 2021

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2020 was one of the craziest years that we have ever experienced, it was difficult and new, and we all had to adapt to make it work. 2021 though was the prologue, the year that happened right after, and it seemed strange rebounding from 2020 as it was. Of course, because 2021 was the rebound year, the year to get back to normal, there is of course a lot of stories and news that has come up due to people’s reaction to this new year.


The aftereffects of the year 2021 has made tons of stories for us to look at and to see what we should do in response. Now, of course we only need news that is relevant to Nashville, as that’s where were from, or its where we want to be, or we are simply curious as to what’s going there.


So, the aftereffects in Nashville, in 2021 was of course an exciting one to say the least. There was a lot going on of course all over the united states, the world for that matter. Nashville though has had some pretty interesting things happen to it in tandem with that. There are stories that are connected to 2020 and there are stories that aren’t, but they are all worth mentioning.


It almost seems kind of strange that there are so many stories up and ready for people to read, I mean it has only been half of the year so far, just around six months for such a giant pile of stories for us to see. There isn’t much that we don’t have to see tough, there are a ton of things to unpack and to see with our very own eyes as to how the year 2021 reacted to 2020 in Nashville Tennessee.


Of course, as we said a few minutes ago, not all of the stories we’ve found are connected to 2020, there are some that are actually very far from being connected to 2020, so if that’s what you’re looking for then no need to worry, we have some that may interest you in the current events in Nashville, while its not connected to 2020.


As we said before, again, there is a lot to unpack, there is a ton of things that we can talk about and establish with the news stories that have been popping up and all over the place in this very short amount of time. We hope that you have the information that you will need by the end of this, and we also hope that you have some fun while you’re reading, even if some of the stories are a little morbid.


There are a lot of stories, so for this we are going to have to do a little quality control and make sure to only pick stories to show here, that are the most relevant, the most exciting, or the most interesting to read about. So, to just let you know, we aren’t purposefully leaving things out, we are only picking the ones that really matter, because of course we have a limited time here and need to be a bit picky. Anyway, let’s not waste any more time, so, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list and analyze of the top news stories coming out of Nashville for 2021.

The Worker Shortage Causes Three Week Delay for the Trash


So, we here think that we should start with the most morbid and down beaten news stories, before slowly fading into the happier, more uplifting ones, just to let you know. We thought it would be better for your mindset leaving this and to hopefully leave you smiling, rather than thinking of all the things that aren’t so great as of right now.


Anyways, there has of course been a shortage of workers around the United States, and that shortage of workers does include waste workers. Of course, when we don’t have the waste workers doing their job, the obvious result of bad things happens start actually occurring.


Weeks’ worth of trash is starting to pile up around metro Nashville, and it’s starting to make the place a little unlivable. The smell of it alone is starting to bother people, and the flies that are multiplying due to the trash lying about really isn’t helping. People are actually starting to complain quite a bit about the flies, it said that they are absolutely everywhere, you can’t step out your front door without seeing hundreds of flies at the very least.


When Waste Management was called by a multitude of people, in general what they said was that they weren’t going to be picking up people’s trash. So, that isn’t really great, knowing that they won’t be coming to pick up the towns trash, but we can’t really blame them because they have a worker shortage, they physically cannot come and do it, because if they tried, they would be stretching themselves to thin, there wouldn’t really be any point, from there standpoint at least, were sure that anyone they did pick up their trash for would be very happy.


Also, a little more bad news to spread out on top of this already terrible news of not having the trash being picked up in a reasonable manner in such unreasonable times, is the fact that Waste Management is not going to be picking up all your trash. Because there has been a great delay in the trash being picked, there is of course an overflow of it, and can’t all fit into the bin. Which of course the problem, Waste Management is only going to be picking up the trash that’s in the bin, if they come by at all to pick it up.


Which does make sense, they can only take what’s in the bin in order to pick up everyone’s trash a little bit at a time, if they tried to pick up every bit of trash from a single household each time, they would run out of room pretty quick. So, while that’s all very unfortunate, it does of course make sense. Above all, there really is nobody to blame, no one’s is coming in to work and no one is ready to help Waste Management, which means that Waste Management has to be smart with what they are doing and can’t really move from their position that there in now, until that is of course they get some new workers or even demolition companies.


So, we know that things aren’t that great right now, and you’re having trouble storing all your trash, and it’s all just horrible, please just realize that everyone is in the same boat right now, and the problem is trying to be fixed, so please try to have a little patience with the people around you. Trust us, it will make your life a lot easier when that patience is returned to you in kind.


The Real Estate Boom in Nashville is Finally Leveling Out


As you probably know, Nashville has been having a bit of a real estate boom, tons of homes all over the place are being snatched up incredibly fast. There are just there ready to be bought, and there snatched up in the next second.


To get a little perspective on that, the average home in Nashville now sells on average in only eleven days. One home is sold in just eleven days, that’s a crazy number of short times. For the past half a year, as the houses have been sold, there has been a crazy exponential increase in real estate sales.


There is said to be a reason for this increase in home sales though. It has been said that young adults that have used stimulus checks in order to put down payments on homes in Nashville, which is an incredibly smart move on their part, it feels good to know that generation is not going to be wasting their money and is instead going to make a home for themselves.


Now that we are in the middle of the year through and things have calmed down a little bit in general, so has the real estate market. Houses being sold are slowly, but surely starting to get back to the normal amount. So, there has been good coming from this, and things have been good for a lot of people due to this, so all around this is a good thing to happen now that people have homes and are safe in them.


The only really bad thing that’s come out of this situation is the fact that some buyers won’t be quick enough to get a house like there competitors. But with how fast houses are cropping up to be sold, it won’t take long for them to get one for themselves and their families. So, all around good, some negatives, but really nothing in life doesn’t have a negative attached to it.


More Jobs Available due to A Major Online Seller


As the title says, a major online seller, there niche being on pet food and pet toys are going to build an ecommerce fulfillment center right in Nashville, and it needs around 1,200 people to fill all the positions that it needs.


The company is called Chewy Inc. and their facility is going to be located, specifically, at Couchville Pike and Maddox Road, which is right in Mt. Juliet. All of which of course is in Nashville. It’s going to be up and ready to be filled with workers in fall 2022, so only around a year and a half away.


There has been a ton of job openings lately, as a bunch of businesses and others have decided to come in and make Nashville their base of operations, or an expansion of what they have at least. Chewy is a great example, and the most recent one to do so, and it is something that is really noticeable and makes life a lot easier for a lot more people. So, this is something very good to end on, this is an amazing thing to happen for Nashville.


People are going to be getting jobs that they may have needed in a very efficient manner. There is something special that can’t be ignored when a business opens a company in Nashville, it makes the economy so much better with the added revenue stream and it makes things better for everyone who is living there as they are affected by everything that happens due to this new business.


There is just a lot of good going around with this new company opening in Nashville, and it’s even better than others will be following in its footsteps, there are going to be more who come and want to have the same thing that is being established by others, so that growth is going to keep getting bigger and bigger for everyone. So as we said, it’s all around good for everyone involved, because they will all be stimulating the economy, and people will have a sure way of having money that they need for themselves and their families.

The Conclusion


We talked about the biggest news stories of Nashville in 2021, these where the top stories that everyone probably already know about, but we hope that if you didn’t that you learned from here and where able to understand in a clear and crisp way that will hopefully make your life easier by knowing.


The first story and second story where ones that where aftereffects of 2020, but the last one was a completely independent story, so that is very good for everyone in their own right and it’s good that things are starting to get back on track and we can all finally move on from that year that we all want to forget. Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to come and read this and learn a little bit more of the top news stories that have come up in Nashville in 2021.