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Three Unusual Business Start-ups For 2022

Unusual Business Start-ups For 2022



According to the US Small Business Administration, one of the nation’s chief economic agencies, small businesses are the nation’s major source of growth. This is also a fact that many entrepreneurs still believe. This can lead to them to wanting to start business that will appeal to a more hard-nosed market.

While hard-nosed thinking is a good idea, it does make it easier if you plan ahead all the ways to run a business. YOU can’t always see what other people are seeing, nor can other people see what you’re doing. This makes for the perfect opportunity for “out-of-the-box” thinking.

Here are three off the beaten path business start-ups that are making a big difference in the way that they market their business. These were not conventional start-ups, but one each stand out from the crowd of traditional start-ups.

1. Megabucks crepe

The crepe is a fancy bur Cartoon type of food that is often served in a lean or taller container. When served “rocced” with rendered carton and bread crumbs, it’s usually served cold and toasted. This business started in Charlotte, NC in 1998 and has never looked back.

A business that makes breakfast supplemental food on a budget, you are able to target a smaller, demographic that is looking for meals that can be only affordably served in a “rug, shop, or restaurant.” Retailing is not always the smartest fit for the kind of crepe that you create. For example, breakfast may or may not suit someone that wants cake.

A couple of years ago, Megabucks crepe was able to hold a PAYday deal on one of their daily items. As businesses try to make over-the-top sales that make a statement, this actually works and makes the “crispy” company money by building a growing customer base.

Want to get the meeting process rolling? They offer a daily GET START IT EPAK (round up!) deal. For $10 you can bring one mega-sized bag of Crepe of your breakfast fix any time between 3:00PM and 5:59PM. If we don’t see you, we probably don’t want to see you…

2. The 1-hour team meeting that kids love

Tired of hearing your parents wax about how boring you have to be in the office? Do you just get up in the morning and show up hoping that they at least hold you accountable to going to a meeting?

That’s it. That’s almost exactly how you convince yourself to go to the office.

That’s why at 1 hour you are guaranteed a change of clothes and a time to sit back, relax, and pretend you’re about to enjoy yourself. These meetings are at your beck and call 24/7. You get on the conference call line and can access the meeting anywhere you want (smart phone, laptops, the beach, down a dark street…).

They offer monthly use of the WIFI, enough for you to take a weekly date, worry-free. You pay $10 a month to make sure you’re on time for your meetings and consistently, and the good things are endless.

One-hour use of a conference room, video conferencing, no worries about travel expenses, and a choice to work remotely are the greatest factors that may make a phone home business appear to be the world’s best deal.

Compared to the usual old cell phones, banging out items that will not rock your mind or make your voice sound like acriptions, 1 hour is hard to beat!

3. Expo ally and PowerPoints to Low Tech

If you are like me, when you are going to a marketing or trade show, you are kicking yourself because nothing is better than having business cards to hand out.

The harsh truth of the matter is that if people ask you to tell your company’s name, you should be able to tell them exactly what is so great about it!

If you are a bit too tech savvy or the person that is trying to attend the trade show and also have something to hand out, without making it look like you’re explaining why the tech is not meeting your needs, consider an Expo ally or a PowerPoints.

An Expo ally for your technology is a sleek design of a 3.5″ x 5.5″ pamphlet for an arborist consultant that you can hide inside a plastic holder thus saving in postage (and also keep in your pocket until you need it). An 8 or 9″ x 11″ PowerPoints folds into a certificate that is mailed for you. It comes with a credit card pocket, a detachable tab, and holder, and a business card sun over it!

I must admit to liking the look of these because they look very forefront of the businesses they help.