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Backyard Storage Shed Designs

backyard shed designs ideas


Ever think about how much of your stuff was just sitting in your garage? The amount of stuff that most families just stored at the garage rarely approach half of a home’s load. That means your home needs more storage space if you are to keep all your items. But, does with add storage at home by building a backyard shed?

A new backyard shed is a great addition to your home for many reasons, but mainly because they increase the value of your property.

There are many backyard shed designs available to build that will perform its intended function, but you want to select the one that is most cost effective and will look attractive.

You’ll want to check out a few simple design tips to help you make your choice to make sure you will get the most out of your investment and have a good return on your investment.

There’s two things you need to consider before you begin building your backyard shed.

1)Size of your Pool: You must make sure you have enough structural clearance all the way around your backyard shed to permit the use of your pool regardless of its size. The shed must be set on solid footing on solid ground. You must thoroughly check your local building codes to make sure you can permit the construction.

2)Do you need an electrical hookup for your pool? If you don’t have an electrical hookup for your pool, you will need to obtain a building permit before construction begins.

Majority of the backyard beginning home owners just purchase a shed that they find in the garage sale and start building. What they are missing is in the planning stages, and it can have a big effect on the end result of your backyard project.

If you want to have a successful backyard project, it begins with the planning.

Planning is one of the most important aspects you see when building a backyard shed.

Tackling the actual construction of your shed, at this stage, can take up most of your time, particularly if you are not totally sure about the size and design you want.

Plan on allowing for extra time for ordering additional supplies needed for your backyard shed. Get everything you need in the way of the plans already laid out.

Construction of backyard sheds is one of the do-it-yourself projects you will find easier and quicker to complete if you take the time early in the planning stages to step back and evaluate what you are going to do.

Most backyard shed designs are based on these 3 main steps for construction.

1)Get your plans together before you begin pouring the foundation. You will need plans for a foundation, either a concrete platform or skids.

2)Select the design of shed that fits your needs and your desire of a finished product.

3)Check your local building codes to see if your chosen shed complies with those set down guidelines.

Other things to consider in the backyard shed plan stage includes, how will the shed be placed on your property, is the shedification allowed by law in your vicinity, and will you have to obtain a building permit from your city if you live in a subdivision.

I suggest you get your backyard shed plans from a reputable source that is knowledgeable with shed building.

A good backyard shed plan will come with a sections for the building and a complete and detailed materials list for your convenience.

There are other things you will need to decide before you start building your backyard shed. While that is still in the planning process, you will need to decide on a few other things:

-Will you be constructing your backyard shed on skids?-Will your shed be attached to your house or barn?-Is your shed going to be freestanding?-Will your shed need electricity?-Will you need to build a shed safety enclosure around the shed?-What is the city of your shed plans?

Planning and using these simple steps will help you determine your shed building needs and your shed design will be a snap, especially if you decide not to do it yourself and hire a modular construction company to build and install your shed!

Building your new backyard shed is a fairly quick process once you have your new shed plans in hand.

Building your backyard shed.